Hi, my name is Pete Bonahoom and I am the owner here at The Land Shop!  We are a family run land investment business specializing in sourcing quality rural land at deeply discounted prices and passing those savings on to our customers.  I personally, am a family man who enjoys the outdoors, freedom, financial independence, and everything else that land ownership has to offer.  I love talking with my customers about their dreams and aspirations and how I can play a  role in making those dreams a reality.

The question we most often get here at The Land Shop is, "why are your prices so cheap?".  To sum it up, it’s because we utilize our proven methodology to source quality land at deeply discounted prices the casual buyer would have difficulty being able to negotiate.  We then pass those savings on to our customers in an effort to build a long term relationship so they keep coming back to us for more.  Additionally, we have streamlined the sales process and knocked out the middle man (real estate agents) who typically serve to just drive up the cost and complicate the transaction.  In the end, our customers know that every piece of land they buy from us they are building INSTANT EQUITY.

So whether you are a casual one time land buyer shopping for your new vacation or retirement property, or a seasoned land investor adding to your portfolio, you can acquire the parcel of your dreams here at The Land Shop at a FRACTION OF THE COST of retail.  In fact, we encourage you to check out the comparables of like kind land in the area you are searching in and research the prices those are listed at.  We are confident that you will find we have the best prices around.

Go ahead and take a look around at our inventory of land for sale.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all.  Lock in your purchase with us and start on the path to making your dreams a reality today!